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How to lose a stone in ten days

Lose 1.4lbs per day. End of.


But seriously, a stone in ten days, if you've got it to lose, isn't out of the question.


I've written about environment in relation to health, fitness and fat loss before but it really does explain a lot and is an easy way of visualising and motivating yourself with your lifestyle changes.

How we look and how we feel is a direct result of the internal environment we have created for ourselves through the things we eat, do and experience. We have concious choice over what we expose our bodies to so, like last week's "Monday Motivation", it's all YOUR fault!

If you have repeatedly told your body that its environment is coffee, cake and watching telly it's going to look and feel like all those things. If you tell your body that your new environment is now regular activity, fitness training sessions and really good food all the time then it'll start to look like that.

As with everything the change has to be sustainable so you don't pile the weight or the bad health back on as soon as you go "back" but in this case we're talking about losing a stone in just ten days.

Most people have "the spare tyre" around their mid riff. For some people it's more like a tyre from a landrover than that of a fiesta. Either way if the fat is there to lose you can get rid of it. For people with less, and I'm talking a lot less, it becomes slightly more complex to lose WEIGHT as your body begins to catabolise (break down) other building blocks rather than the fat. N.B. This isn't healthy!

Back to the tyres...

Most people have the spare tyre and for those, you, simple physiology is at play that will help you to lose the 1.4lbs per day.

The top tips are:

  1. Eat great food that your body can use rather than store. I'm talking about natural, unprocessed stuff that's relatively cheap, of good quality and tastes fantastic. Fruit, veg, meat (from a quality butchers rather than a supermarket IF POSSIBLE!), fish, nuts and seeds.
  2. Combine activity and good, effective fitness training regularly. Activity = a kick around with your mates, a long walk, a jog, Zumba. Training = Full body, high intensity fitness training 2-3 times per week. Ultimately: Enough Activity+Training to give you something to do every single day of the week with plenty of variety built in and new experiences along the way
  3. Detoxify yourself...


At the moment every womens, and mens, magazine is pushing a detox of some sort. They're often pretty wishy washy tales of nothing but fruit and water for 12 days followed by a colonic and a vindaloo. The point of a detox is to do just that; remove toxins from your internal organs so that they work better. Detox is thrown about a lot, but it is an incredibly important vital tool that you absolutely have to use whether you're concerned with health, fitness, fat loss or all of the above.

The most important areas to focus on with a detox are your digestive system (stomach, intenstines, colon), liver and kidneys. All of these organs deal with the absorption (key!) and processing of food, nutrients and the contents of your blood.

Your blood is the transport system for all fuels, nutrients and toxins that are delivered to all parts of your body. The liver cleans the blood and determines what fuel is stored wear - relating to carbohydrates in your muscles and liver; and toxins in the adipose tissues as fat. By cleansing your liver becomes more selective about the fat storage mechanism, helping you get rid of stubborn fat that already exists and to keep toxins from being deposited as fat.

Your kidneys are highly, highly sensitive organs that regulate hydration, blood-chemical concentration, body temperature and the concentration of your wee. Urine is one of the ways toxins are expelled from our body. If the hormone balances are upset then this function becomes equally upset and out-of-balance. Detoxing rebalances the regulatory responses making them much more efficient at getting rid of nasties.

Your digestive system is actually the most obvious one to respond to a good detox programme. Mainly because we all know one of the ways in which the bad stuff exits! The disgestive system is lined with millions and billions of cells that deal with the absoption of the good and bad from food as it passes through the digestive tract. These cells are the first line of defense against harmful bacteria and toxins that would otherwise seek to harm and inhibit. These have to be cleansed else the uptake of good is diminished and the uptake of bad is iminent. The digestive system protects your immune system. Your immune system protects your body. What happens when both are under attack?

It's essential to detox your body if fat loss or health is your goal. We're bombared none stop all day every day by toxins through food, viruses, bacteria and pollution.

Detox packages are everywhere but the real key is to bombared your system with fantastic quality nutrients that will cause a cleansing reflex. In addition you need to adopt a toxin free diet like the one we have given you.


A ten day detox package is available online from our nutrition outlet. It'll be sent directly to you and will help you towards losing a stone in ten days


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